Rugby Awards and Accomplishments

Gary has achieved many awards and accolades throughout his playing career.

Awards and Recognition:
Gold Medal – South African Maccabiah Rugby (1985 and 1989)
Gold Medal – U.S.A. Maccabiah Rugby (1997)

Clubs represented and Years:
University of Witwatersrand, South Africa (1984-1992)
Santa Monica Rugby Club (1989; 1992-2002)

Territorial/National Representative Teams and years:
Transvaal U20 (1986)
South African Universities U20 (1986)
Northern Universities (South Africa) Open (1988)
South African Universities Open (1988)
Griffins (1995; 1996)
U.S.A. Eagles (1998)
Classic Eagles (1998)

No of International Matches:
Portugal XV (1998)

Tours: Where, With Whom and Years:
Maccabiah Games – Israel (1985; 1989;1997; 2009)
Spain and Portugal – U.S.A. Eagles (1998)
Bermuda – Classic Eagles (1998)

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