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Google Shopping Feed Optimization

Your product feed is one of the most important parts of performing well on Google Shopping.

You could have the best campaigns in the world, but with bad product data, you will have poor performance in terms of Google Shopping ROAS and CPA.

In order to have good Google Shopping feed optimization, you need to use a feed platform like Feedonomics. Not only will they do the heavy lifting of optimizing your product data, but also watching over the feed to make sure they are stable and always well optimized.

How to find companies that are not mobile friendly

Many mobile web development and app companies are looking for company websites that are NOT mobile friendly. It’s a very manual process to check each one on your iPhone or Android to see if a website is actually mobile friendly – it is either mobile responsive, has a mobile redirect, or separate mobile URLs.

One amazing prospecting tool that takes the manual process of finding websites that are not mobile friendly is PerfectLeads.

You can use the lead search engine on the left to search for companies that are NOT mobile friendly, do NOT use m. redirects, and do NOT have separate mobile URLs. You can even add more search filters to narrow down your search. For instance, if you are that web development company and you only focus on companies that use Magento, you can drill down further and really find your perfect leads.

Santa Monica Rugby Club – Hall of Fame

As you know, Gary absolutely loves the sport of rugby. The sport has had a huge influence on his life–establishing a strong work ethic, team commitment, trust, loyalty, and putting others before himself. He has also been blessed to travel to many different places such as Spain, Portugal, and Israel, thanks to rugby.

In 2008, Gary Puterman was honored with being inducted to the Santa Monica Rugby Club Hall of Fame! Continue reading

Hawaiian Islands and New York City

Gary Puterman’s Favorite Places To Visit

Gary Puterman has had the opportunity to travel all over the world since playing Rugby for the US National Team and becoming the CFO/CEO of numerous internet companies. South Africa is special because of childhood memories, but the two places that Gary enjoys travelling to most are actually Continue reading

LA Clippers Basketball

Gary Puterman’s Favorite Basketball Team

Again, Rugby is easily Gary’s favorite sport of all time. Who can blame him? He’s a rugby stud. However, since being in the states he has grown to love the sport of basketball as well. Although he respects Kobe Bryant and all that he’s done for the city of Los Angeles, Gary prefers Continue reading