Hawaiian Islands and New York City

Gary Puterman’s Favorite Places To Visit

Gary Puterman has had the opportunity to travel all over the world since playing Rugby for the US National Team and becoming the CFO/CEO of numerous internet companies. South Africa is special because of childhood memories, but the two places that Gary enjoys travelling to most are actually Hawaii and New York. The beautiful beaches and tropical weather of Hawaii attract millions of tourists every year, but the bustling city of NYC is one of a kind and in 2012 brought more than 5 times as many visitors than the islands. Obviously the two destinations are loved by Gary for quite different reasons but they both have so much to offer; Gary will never get tired of lounging on Hawaiian beaches, nor will he ever be able to explore all of of New York City and its great history.

Author James Patterson

Gary Puterman’s Favorite Author

There’s nothing wrong with non-fiction books, there is a lot that can be learned from them; Gary Puterman just prefers a nice fictional novel every now and then to let his mind wander and fuel his imagination. The author that he most enjoys is James Patterson, author of over 100 books including the Alex Cross series, Women’s Murder Club series, and many others. Not only is James Patterson a profound writer but he is also a great philanthropist, donating thousands of books to schools, students, and soldiers. In 2013, Mr. Patterson awarded $1 million in scholarships to up-and-coming teachers that want to instill a love for reading in their students. Gary truly appreciates everything that James does for the community, making his great books that much more enjoyable.

LA Clippers Basketball

Gary Puterman’s Favorite Basketball Team

Again, Rugby is easily Gary’s favorite sport of all time. Who can blame him? He’s a rugby stud. However, since being in the states he has grown to love the sport of basketball as well. Although he respects Kobe Bryant and all that he’s done for the city of Los Angeles, Gary prefers the other LA team: The Clippers. With the team recently being purchased by enthusiastic new owner Steve Ballmer, the Clippers and fans are on cloud 9. The new ownership marks a new era in Clippers basketball. For years they had been in the basement of the league, always in the shadow of the Lakers, but now each year they are championship contenders. Gary Puterman loves the underdog story of the past, and looks forward to the team’s bright future with star point guard Chris Paul and power forward Blake Griffin.

Manchester United FC Soccer Team

Gary Puterman’s Favorite Soccer Team

Rugby will always be Gary’s favorite sport, but soccer is another of his favorite games. It is an international sport unlike any other, embraced and played by just about everyone around the world. His favorite soccer club is Manchester United which is also the most successful English soccer club, having  won 20 league titles. In 2013, the club was valued to be worth over 3.1 billion dollars–the second most valuable team in the world. None of that matters to Gary Puterman though, he’s loved the team as long as he can remember and he always will.

Gary Puterman's Favorite Movie: The Bourne Identity

Gary Puterman’s Favorite Action Movie

There are a lot of good action movies out there so it was a tough decision for Gary. In the end, Gary came to the conclusion that his favorite action movie to date is The Bourne Identity (2002) the first of the series. Matt Damon did a phenomenal job portraying Jason Bourne, the super-agent with amnesia, and director Doug Liman deserves a ton of credit for his ability to capture the raw intensity of every scene. A few masterfully-done scenes that come to mind are the embassy escape, the car chase through the city, and the first assassination attempt on Bourne in his apartment. The movie was was fast-paced but thoughtful. For those reasons, and many more, Bourne Identity is Gary Puterman’s favorite action movie.

Gary Puterman’s Favorite Sci-Fi Movie

For Gary Puterman to enjoy a sci-fi movie, it needs to have more than action, it needs to be different and have a strong plot. The Matrix (1999) was so revolutionary and unique that it clearly stands above the rest in its category. Gary appreciates innovation and risk taking, and that is what can be said of The Wachowski Brothers (writers and directors). They risked hundreds of thousands of dollars experimenting with a new camera technique to take over 200 pictures within 2 seconds to get a complete 360 degree view of the now famous scene. It really paid off with epic slow-motion battles in a mind-bending world of no limitations. Keanu Reeves gave a career best performance as Neo and the supporting cast was perfectly complimentary.

Gary Puterman’s Favorite Sports Movie

Gary Puterman loves many movies, mainly action and sports films. His favorite all time sports movie is Invictus which depicts the infamous 1995 Rugby World Cup hosted by South Africa. The South Africa team reached the final game of the World Cup and faced the New Zealand All Blacks. Was it fate for them to host and win the cup? You’ll have to watch and see for yourself! Invictus was directed by Clint Eastwood and featured classy actors Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon. It was nominated for two Academy Awards and received three Golden Globe nominations for best performances and best director. Bonus fact: Gary actually played with 7 members of the South Africa team!


For the Love of the Game

George North has been making waves recently for being sold to “Real Madrid for £86m. His wages are reported to be £300,000 after tax in a deal that turned his parents into millionaires after he gave them a 20% stake in his company.”

Obviously there is going to be shock waves sent through out the rugby world as not all regions can afford to deal with the effects of a trade of the magnitude, especially when competing in the Heineken cup.

Do you believe this is going to have a negative effect on the popularity of the Heineken cup and the domestic Rugby season?